March 22 , 2017

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Chewing the Fat

Rex Nelson & Paul Austin

This week, Rex and Paul chew the fat about cool things in Hot Springs and how people really are starting to see the importance of the city and park to the state and the nation, seeing about a hundred games at the Arkansas state high school basketball tournament and its fascinating mix of urban and rural Arkansas, how the old Baptist expression "Every head bowed/every eye closed" became a basketball benediction, Paul's latest distressing trend and Rex's deep sense of disappointment about it, travel tips on how to get to Hot Springs, and Paul's rant about the best way (his) to present the National Anthem before sporting events (hint: tell Aunt Martha to stay home that night).

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Radio CALS is a weekly program from the Central Arkansas Library System. Every Wednesday from 6-6:30 p.m., on KABF 88.3 FM, we will share music from our archives, content from our resources, such as the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture, and information about what's happening in the library system.

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Image: Hot Springs Bath Houses Print, © 1888. Image courtesy Library of Congress

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